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    Converting money made easy with Expedia.

    Expedia's straightforward and easy to use currency converter makes foreign money comparison easy. Simply type your amount into the exchange rate calculator, choose your currencies to convert from and to and hit display. The tool provides a quick, accurate overview of currency prices around the world.


    Simply type in the amount you would like to convert, select the currency you're converting from and to, then click the link for results.

    Conversion results

    Currency rates are based on various publicly available sources. Rates are not verified as accurate, and actual rates may vary. Important additional information; please read.

    Travel money - high street beating rates, delivered to your home.

    Don´t trek to the high street for your travel money, get more currency for your pounds by ordering online, with our home delivery service.

    • Free next-day delivery on orders over £500
    • Guaranteed pre-9am and Saturday delivery options available
    • Choose from up to 60 currencies
    • 100% Secure, Royal Mail Special Delivery

    Getting an good idea of spending money for your vacation can be a chore at the best of times, but Expedia's new exchange rate calculator does the math for you. Whether you're looking for Dollars for Dallas, Real for Rio or Euros for Espana; Expedia's tool can provide overview of exchange rates. Of course if you're going further afield Expedia's tool can provide data for the lesser travelled destinations with more exotic currency. So whether you need Lao Kai for a trip down the Mekong or Guarani for a trek through Paraguay, use the currency convertor to find out how much you'll need.

    Choose Expedia for your all your travel plans and to use our currency converter!