Nothing is more thrilling than being in a city consumed by football fever, with its hometown fans and visiting rival charged up for the big match. As the official travel partner of the UEFA Champions League, Expedia gives you both the excitement and the travel. Football is a passion shared by millions across Europe, and it defies differences among people. You may spend 90 minutes staring down your rivals at the pitch, but these same rivals will be fast friends at the pub afterward. Hardly any event matches the excitement of standing in a city centre with your team's flag draped across your shoulders, singing the team song with your mates.

Travel like a champion

Fans who travel to support their team are amped up for every moment of their experience. For fans passionate about both travel and football, you can visit the most desirable locations in Europe. When you travel like a champion, you wring the joy and pleasure out of every moment, and every second is etched on your memory for life.

Find inspiration for your next football trip

These glorious moments are within reach with help from Expedia. In these UEFA Champions League Explore blogs, you'll be inspired about UEFA Champions League travel, and you'll discover everything you need to know to support your team on the road. You'll find out what the football scene is like at each match location. You can discover the history of rival teams and learn about hometown heroes and the most legendary players. Better yet, you'll have insider knowledge of the best ways to celebrate the match. So, try that new lager, make that new friend, learn about that outfielder and tour the hallowed halls - and do it with the help of Expedia's main site, where you'll get info on flights, car hires, hotels and products to make the most of your trip.