The trendy, glamorous city of Barcelona is quickly becoming a top spot in Europe for shopping. You can find everything from luxury boutiques with high-end goods to hidden gems that only the locals know about if you know where to look.

If you're planning a holiday to Barcelona, you won't have a ton of time to search for the best shops and deals among the souvenir stands. Our guide will help you maximise your time spent shopping and come back with some wonderful treasures.


Passeig de Gràcia

Passeig de Gràcia is a visually beautiful avenue that's well worth the sightseeing, but it also has some of the best shops in Barcelona. The avenue is filled with the city's most chic shops as well as charming cafes for a snack and brew.

Whether you're on a budget or looking to splurge, you can find everything from Zara and Mango to designer labels like Gucci and Dolce & Gabbana along Passeig de Gràcia. If nothing else, you'll love the window shopping.

El Born Neighbourhood

The El Born neighbourhood boasts centuries-old Gothic buildings that hold craft shops and boutiques with unique finds. This old-town area offers handmade shoes and leather goods, vintage clothing, quirky accessories and homeware, all within the same area. To make an event of it, you can take a food tour of the El Born neighbourhood and enjoy unique eateries along the way.

Plaça de Sant Josep Oriol

Plaça de Sant Josep Oriol is a quaint plaza that has some of Barcelona's most treasured shops. The square hosts regular art events that bring local artists together to showcase and sell their work. You'll also find charming boutiques, artisan shops and a few high-end stores along the streets.


Avinguda Diagonal

Avinguda Diagonal is a street that runs diagonally through the city, cutting through several neighbourhoods. As the main thoroughfare, Avinguda Diagonal holds the most luxurious designer shops such as Gucci, Versace, Armani and more. Even if you don't plan to drop a lot of money on clothes and accessories, these shops have beautiful displays that are well worth a look.

Diagonal Mar

Diagonal Mar is the more affordable version of Avinguda Diagonal. Located at the eastern end near the beach, Diagonal Mar is the new and modern shopping area. It boasts a diverse mix of shops and boutiques as well as cinemas, restaurants, theatres and more.

Gracia Neighbourhood

Those in search of unusual and unique finds will love the Gracia neighbourhood. This area boasts quirky shops, local wineries, funky antique stores and other off-the-beaten path wonders. Unlike the other shopping areas of Barcelona, the Gracia neighbourhood focuses on one-of-a-kind and affordable items over big brands. You'll also find authentic bodegas for a quick bite. Be sure to wind your way through the alleyways to catch all the hidden shops.


Avinguda del Portal de l'Àngel

Located near Plaça de Catalunya, Avinguda del Portal de l'Àngel is a great spot for quality street bargains from places like Bershka and Zara. You'll also find a few high-end boutiques for designer goods such as Massimo Dutti in the area.

Las Ramblas

Las Ramblas is a well-known area of Barcelona for its entertainment, but it also has lots of flower markets, clothing stalls, eateries, food markets and other areas to look for authentic goods. With so much variety here, it's best to plan to spend time in Las Ramblas to see everything.

La Roca Village

La Roca Village is a shopper's paradise in a scenic Catalan village. The buildings are all adorned in an art nouveau style, holding hundreds of stores from the world's top brands at a discount. Before you go, take a look at the shops in La Roca Village so you can spend your time in the places that catch your interest.

Barcelona has a lot to love about it, but its shopping is quickly becoming a major traveller draw. If you're planning a trip to Barcelona, check out flights and accommodation options with Expedia to make the most of your stay!