Amsterdam might not be at the top of your bucket list for a city trip in fall or winter. But isn't an old city even more charming in the rain? The cobblestone streets will glimmer with the reflection of the lampposts' light on the wet stones, and the water in the canal will dance with every raindrop that touches it. No matter the rain, Amsterdam is a gorgeous and Instagram-friendly city with its crooked houses, narrow alleyways and picturesque canals, and any holiday to Amsterdam is sure to bring lots of great photo opportunities.

Convinced? Here are the best spots to go shoot your next million-'Like' Instagram picture in Amsterdam.

There are plenty of places to get great skyline shots of Amsterdam, but one of my favorites is Cafe Blue. Visit Blue in the late afternoon to relax while watching the sun set or first thing in the morning to wake up with some fresh orange juice and the best view one could have. The view here is truly 360 degrees, so whichever angle you choose for your shot is up to you. The café offers free WiFi too, so after taking your picture of the skyline, you can upload it right away to watch your Like-count shoot up - #sorrynotsorry. Many Likes guaranteed!

For another photogenic skyline, you can visit SkyLounge at the Hilton DoubleTree Hotel next to Amsterdam Central Station. This location has a somewhat more sophisticated feel than Blue, but the beauty that is Amsterdam remains the same.

Amsterdam has got the only floating flower market in the world. Back in the golden ages, our boats used to carry anything from spices to - cough cough - slaves to flowers. Even though that ship (literally) has sailed, the flowers are still in Amsterdam and waiting for buyers such as yourself, but not before you capture this breath-taking flower heaven. If you visit in the last month of the year, you'll see many Christmas trees here as well!

Sometimes the hustle and bustle of a big city can get a bit overwhelming. That is the time to visit Begijnhof in the centre of Amsterdam. Begijnhof is the only inner court to be found in this city. Originally, it was completely encircled by water and only accessible using a bridge across the Begijnensloot. These days you can find its entrance on Spui behind a wooden door - by far the most charming sight of the city, and most likely walking distance from your Amsterdam hotel.

After your visit to Begijnhof, take a detour to Brix, a cafe nearby. It's not just the cafe that is Instagram-worthy but the drinks (especially the healthy juices) here look amazing.

You might call it stating the obvious, but Amsterdam and its canals are some of the most picturesque places to capture. Especially on sunny days, it's a sight to behold. And, as mentioned before, don't worry, it is sunny quite often in Amsterdam no matter what you may have heard!

Since Amsterdam has many canals and alleys, it might be worth your money to rent a bike and cycle through the city. If you're in town for a short amount of time, renting is an easy way to see as many Instagrammable spots as possible. Travelling by bike is very common in Amsterdam, so don't worry about unsafe routes - we all cycle and take pictures of the best this city has to offer! If you're planning city breaks to Amsterdam, I especially recommend the Skinny Bridge and the Prinsengracht/Keizersgracht for fantastic photo opportunities.

List of Locations:

1. Blue - Singel 457 (Kalvertoren shopping mall)
2. SkyLounge - Oosterdoksstraat 4
3. Floating Flower Market - Singel 630 to 600
4. Begijnhof - Begijnhof 30
5. Brix -Wolvenstraat 16
6. Canals, such as Utrechtsestraat/Prinsengracht

What are your favourite Instagram spots in Amsterdam?

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