A stag do would be nothing without a few games to spice things up. Beer pong, fuzzy duck and good old fashioned dares are firm favourites, but if you're about to start organising your best mate's 'last night of freedom', why not try something different?

Here are some of the best games for a stag do, that won't leave the groom feeling too emotionally-bruised in the morning!

Stag vs. Food
Man Vs Food

Think your gang has what it takes to out-eat Adam Richman? Then prepare to line your stomachs with some seriously colossal food.

Whether you prepare your dishes of choice at home, or drop by a restaurant with a reputation before moving on to your favourite watering hole, this game will separate the men from the boys. Think triple-layered burgers piled high with cheese, bacon, onion rings and pulled pork, or the spiciest curry you can find! If you're really looking to push the boat out, Mexico holidays are perfect for enjoying some of the world's biggest and baddest meals.

Award the winner with eternal glory, and the loser with a forfeit.

The Hunt
The Hunt

For this 'fancy dress optional' game, you'll need to split up into two teams - the foxes and the hunters - and draw up a hit-list of pubs.

If you're joining the foxes, rest safe in the knowledge that you'll get a head start to the first pub of the night. But the challenge comes in keeping ahead of the rest of the party. If you haven't been hitting the gym as hard as you could have been, beware! The hunters will set off a few minutes later in hot pursuit.

If they catch you up and manage to grab hold of you, you'll face a forfeit. Of course, you can always get revenge by switching things up later in the night, with the foxes pursuing the hunters.

Lucky Dip
Lucky Dip is as simple as picking a challenge out of a hat. The fun part comes from the kind of cruelty you're willing to inflict on fellow stags.

Get each member of your group to write a challenge on a scrap of paper, then put them into a hat and have everybody pick one out. They could range from downing a pint of gravy to heading into the night wearing women's underwear - the choice is all yours.

Guess Who
Remember that childhood game where someone would stick a piece of paper to your forehead and you had to guess who you were? Let's bring it up to date.

The same rules apply, but why limit the names to characters from film and TV? Don't be afraid to get creative: the groom's wife-to-be, your boss and questionable acquaintances can all be thrown into the mix as well! Get it right, and you get three cheers. Get it wrong, and your fate rests with the stags...

Trust the Groomsmen
Man laughing with a blindfold over one eye
'Trust the Groomsmen' is all about deception and, lucky for you, the groom-to-be! All in the name of good fun, of course.

This game involves presenting the groom with a challenge, before blindfolding him and letting him face a hilarious alternative. So, let's say you tell the groom he'll be drinking a glass of water with a goldfish inside: if he trusts you, and accepts the challenge, stick on the blindfold and hand him a glass with a chunk of peach inside it. Watching him sweat it out will be comedy gold! And if he doesn't trust you enough to take his chances? Well, he could be faced with something a little less fruity...

Will you be giving any of these games a try on your next stag do? Why not try booking Ibiza holidays for a truly memorable stag party?