Whether it's New Yorkers cycling through Central Park, Londoners pottering about Richmond Park, Berliners relaxing in the Tiergarten or Parisians taking time out in the Jardin du Luxembourg, locals the world over have a lot of time and love for the parks, gardens and green spaces that can be found in their town or city.

And indeed, the same is true for holidaymakers. Experiencing and spending time in a park or garden in a new destination is always welcome, as they're scenic places to escape to - and often attractions in their own right. We get that, which is why we've brought together articles on the best and most interesting green spaces that can be found all over the world. Palace gardens, secret gardens and botanical gardens; parks with stories, coffee shops and hidden gems - we aim to cover it all.

Take a walk through famous parks with their statues, ponds, green lawns and flower displays. Discover the wonders of city gardens and find out which green spaces are best for a picnic, jog or leisurely amble. Find out which parks and gardens bring the wonders of the natural world into the heart of the city and which showcase the best in landscaping and design. Destination guides, bucket lists, listicles and top tips - you'll find it all here.

If getting close to the natural world is an important part of your holidays, check our nature section. And, for ideas on out of town experiences that can be enjoyed, browse our articles on day trips.

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