When it comes to planning a trip, timing is of the essence. Some people like to be away for the big events of the year, whether it's taking a romantic trip away for Valentine's Day or finding out what Christmas is like far from home. Others hope to break the winter blues with a bit of sunshine or escape the summer holiday crowds.

Not that there needs to be a reason to get away, but if you're organising your trip around a big occasion or certain time of the year, then you'll want to do some careful research. That's why you're in the right place - here you can find all kinds of ideas for seasonal travel, including the most popular events and celebrations.

Experience Christmas traditions from around the world, from Sinterklaas in the Netherlands to the best of Europe's Christmas markets. Get inspiration for your summer city break when the temperature rises, whether you're heading to New York, Amsterdam or Rome, and find out how to make the most of a winter escape, from island-hopping in Thailand to exploring the beaches of Morocco. Explore our articles below and use the menu above for more categories linked to different occasions throughout the year.

For example, for a memorable festive escape, explore our Christmas section. Or, for planning a romantic trip for two, browse our articles on Valentine's Day.

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