We've seen some places so many times in films and TV series that it almost feels as if we know them. From big-screen classics to the cult series you've been watching for years, imagine being able to travel and find out more about the locations in your favourite films and TV series!

Find out more below in our travel guide to the best iconic filming locations around the world. Our article is written by experts who have compiled filming locations and visits related to the cinema, from the best-known to the least familiar. Our aim is to help you to organise your next trip around your love for film or television.

For example, fans of cult TV series will be thrilled in Los Angeles. Here, they can visit the most famous film studios and discover the sets of TV series such as Friends and ER. In the UK, you can visit the famous filming locations of the Harry Potter films, such as the iconic Hogwarts dining room, which can be found at Oxford University. Or follow in the footsteps of the Star Wars actors as you discover filming locations nestled in the Tunisian desert. Whatever your dream location, the articles on this page are here to help - even if it takes you on a journey to the end of the world!

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