Travelling with a partner, old or new, can be a wonderful thing. Sunset walks hand in hand, a couples massage in a fabulous resort, and romantic meals overlooking the ocean.

Yet, being together 24/7 can be stressful. You're in a new environment, and what should be a simple problem to solve can quickly turn into a blazing row and risk ruining a day of your precious holiday.

Here's how to travel as a couple and not kill each other.

Divide and Conquer the Planning

Whilst there will always be one person in the relationship who's a little more organised - that doesn't mean they want to plan, book and arrange absolutely everything on the trip. Try and divvy up a least a few elements of trip, before and during your time away, to reduce the chance of feelings of resentment bubbling up under the surface.

Always allow for 'me' time

24 hours a day with one person is a lot, even if that is the person you have decided to spend the rest of your life with. Even on the most romantic of getaways, it's OK to occasionally ask for a little 'me time', especially if you're away for more than a couple of weeks. Take a short walk, go try out that crazy water-sport your girlfriend is terrified of or just chuck your headphones on and bury yourself in a good book. You'll soon be more than ready to throw googley eyes at one another again.

Don't forget meal breaks

This may sound like the most ridiculous of suggestions, but the sad fact of the matter is that people can get terribly hangry if they're not fed at regular intervals! So whilst you may be happy to squeeze in one more museum visit or walking tour before grabbing dinner, just bear in mind that your partner may dying for a plate of the local dish they keep seeing advertised!

Laugh through the bad times

Sometimes, life goes a bit wrong. And when things don't work out quite as planned, as tempting as it may be to take your frustrations out on the other person, this is rarely going to help! Instead, try your hardest to make light of the situation - have a giggle about the 'charming beach town' that is anything but, or the fact that you left one shoe on the airport floor (discovered, of course, once already at your destination).

Whilst you may not always be able to see it at the time, it's often the crazy little stories that you'll look back on so fondly, always, with a smile.

Learn to compromise

Even couples that believe they were made for each other will have different interests - and that's okay. The importance is knowing where to compromise, especially on short trips when you simply won't have time to do everything. Rather than set out with a list with everything you simply have to do, pick a handful that you'd both enjoy and do them together. You'll make some fantastic memories to recall when you're back to the 9-5 and it'll bring you closer together as a couple.