Whether it's for art, comedy, food or football, festivals and events are a great reason to travel. From catching global superstars during a weekend of live music to observing local traditions that have been celebrated for centuries, these special occasions are often a novel and memorable way of experiencing a new place and its culture.

And when it comes to the best festivals and events to build your holiday around, the possibilities really are endless. The world is full of them, from little known celebrations to legendary parties. Looking for inspiration? We've got you covered. Below you can find plenty of recommendations, guides and tips, including how to celebrate carnivals in Venice, Goa or Rio de Janeiro.

Discover music festivals that best suit your taste, from folk and classical to rock and electronica. Taste your way around the world with our selection of food and drink-themed events, from oysters to beer and everything else in between. Join in with the locals for their annual celebrations, whether it's Oktoberfest in Munich, Mardi Gras in New Orleans or King's Day in Amsterdam. Have a scroll below and see what captures your imagination.

If you like art, music and/or literature, pay our culture section a visit. Or, if you're willing to travel over the festive period, browse our articles on Christmas.

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