Find a great deal and the cost of going away can be inexpensive. Stand at the bar of a café in some European cities and you'll make your money go further. Haggle and you'll be surprised at the savings you can make. Holidays, in short, can be very affordable.

We're here to help show you how with guides on cheap places to travel to and tips on things to do for free while on holiday. Our collection of budget-themed articles will bring you to the heart of the world's greatest cities, take you through the most spectacular natural landscapes and help you experience the sights, sounds and flavours of different cultures - everything, in fact, that makes travel so special.

Find out how you can get a full holiday experience without spending a fortune, from scenic public transport routes to walks and bike rides that take in world-famous attractions and landmarks. Discover hikes along cliff-top paths or romantic lakeside strolls that will cost you nothing. Learn about how, the world over, there are plenty of free and cheap festivals to be part of, museums to explore and walking tours to sign up to. You'll soon find that the best place for cheap holidays can be just as amazing as more expensive alternatives. Scroll down and see for yourself.

If time is also of the essence when it comes to planning your budget trip, check out our city break section. Alternatively, if you want to head away from the city, browse our articles on nature trips.

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