Top Cities in Hong Kong

Pocket Guide: Hong Kong

Book a hotel in Hong Kong: a sensory feast of eclectic neighbourhoods and beautiful National Parks. The iconic skyline and bustling bazaars of its city are just one part of the Hong Kong story - and it would be a shame to miss any of its many other chapters. For those who choose to turn the page there are breathtaking mountains, traditional villages, charming teahouses, bird-spotting on deserted islands or sea fishing on a boat tour around the islands.

Where to Stay in Hong Kong

Hong Kong Island - Find a hotel on Hong Kong Island and explore an important global financial centre that is the place to be for top dining and nightlife.

La Chi Wo - This ancient Hakka walled village features ancestral halls, temples and a feng shui woodland.

Mai Po Nature Reserve - The floating boardwalks, mangrove trails and mudflat paths of Mai Po Nature Reserve are the perfect setting for an adventure.

Tai O - Home to the Tanka boat people who live in stilt houses above the sea, a visit to Tai O is sure to leave an impression. The village’s delicious shrimp paste is celebrated across China.

How to Make the Most of Your Hotel in Hong Kong

Hong Kong boasts many magnificent temples. Visit Chi Lin Nunnery to see immaculate gardens and serene lotus ponds, Sik Sik Yuen for colourful pillars and Man Mo Temple to pay your respects to the gods of literature and war. The King Yin Lei mansion meanwhile reveals the secular harmony that can be achieved by combining Eastern and Western architectural styles to create a truly splendid aesthetic.

A hike to the highest peak on Hong Kong Island, Victoria Peak, presents sweeping views of the vibrant metropolis of Hong Kong. For nature lovers the Hong Kong Wetland Park in the northwest New Territories offers numerous opportunities for wildlife spotting. If you’re in Hong Kong with the kids then a visit isn’t complete without a trip to Hong Kong Disneyland where you can see the mouse’s adventures in Asia on a ride through the Mystic Manor or a gentle spin in a teacup. To cap off a busy day enjoy a bowl of freshly steamed dim sum - as one of the world's culinary capitals, dining here will not disappoint.