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Hotels on Mars

Red Planet Luxury from 99

Zero-Gravity Bedding • Hovering pools • Holographic Dining • Martian Mud Massages

Treat yourself to some extra-terrestrial pampering at some of Mars' finest resorts. Soothe your savage soul in a realistic hot-water spring. Admire the spectacular crimson sunsets as you dine on the simulated meal of your choice. Then get out and experience some of the solar system's "greatest hits"—including its tallest mountain and largest canyon. Mars and its moons offer a wealth of hotel options—starting at just 99.

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Martian Adventures
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Expedia. Dust surfing is just the beginning! From a business hotel on Olympus Mons to a luxury all-inclusive resort on Deimos, choose your accommodation and get ready for an out-of-this-world holiday on Mars.

The Colbert Hotel & Casino Olympus Palace Deimos All-Inclusive Family Resort Utopia Spa & Resort Villa Marineris
The Colbert Hotel & Casino
marker The Colbert Hotel & Casino from 99
The free-standing Colbert Hotel & Casino is space's first orbital hotel—and home to the universe's best cocktails. Bet on utter indulgence with eight restaurants, five hovering pools, high-stakes tables, and even a spa. Optional excursions throughout Mars make for an unforgettable holiday.

Olympus Palace
marker Olympus Palace from 11,079
Perched atop the highest peak in the Milky Way, The Olympus Palace accommodates business groups large and small in a state-of-the-art center. Wow your crowd with holographic projections while enjoying elegant, catered dining. During down time, linger over cocktails on the pool deck.

Deimos All-Inclusive Family Resort
marker Deimos All-Inclusive Family Resort from 19,999
The low, low gravity of Mars's moon, Deimos, makes for family-friendly thrills galore. Take advantage of your lightweight state with gravity-defying athletic feats. Then, sleep securely in a specially-engineered HoverRest pod and enjoy the hassle-free NutriTube meal facilities. (Don't miss the Cupcake in a Cup!)

Utopia Spa & Resort
marker Utopia Spa & Resort from 53,086
Revel in the idyllic setting of the Utopia Spa & Resort. Find peace of mind millions of miles from home with spa treatments unique to Mars, including the Martian heated rock massage and Martian-mud red facial. Tours of the nearby space shipyard are available via appointment only.

Villa Marineris
marker Villa Marineris - Priceless!
Mars is the ultimate romantic getaway. (Can you get any further away from the everyday?) Take in dramatic vistas of the alien landscape from this 5-star Villa while revelling in the endlessly luxurious touches. After an evening of romance, explore the nearby Valles Marineris, the largest canyon in the solar system.