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When you travel for business, chances are you'll go back to the same place more than once. Keep your travel booking work down to a minimum with Repeat a Trip, a powerful new tool for business travelers. Repeat a Trip allows frequent travelers to book the same flight, hotel, and rental car to the same destination over and over again without all the original leg work. And you can invite others to join you on the same itinerary, saving time all around.

Getting started

When you book a trip on, your itinerary is automatically saved on the My Trips page. (Find the My Trips link at the top right corner of any page on
Next time you're ready to repeat the same trip, just open your My Trips page and click the Repeat trip icon that appears next to the name of the trip you want to repeat.

Repeat a trip

Once you've selected the trip to repeat, you'll need to indicate a new start date. Once you've done that, click Update dates and Repeat a Trip will take care of the rest.

You'll see new dates for everything in that itinerary: flight, hotel, and car—and you can use the checkbox beside each item to select which items you want to repeat.

Review the trip details to ensure everything is to your liking, then click Create a new itinerary. You can then update prices and proceed to book the trip.

Repeat a Trip also lets you invite others on an upcoming trip

Once you've booked a trip, Repeat a Trip makes it easier for coworkers, friends, or family members to book the same flight, hotel, and rental car. This option is especially useful if you're trying to coordinate travel for several people.

To e-mail any itinerary, click E-mail itinerary in the itinerary's left column under Itinerary options. When your coworker or friend receives the itinerary via e-mail, there will be a Repeat this trip link at the top of the e-mail. Once this link is clicked, they can book the same trip you just booked.


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