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Car hire in Lisbon

Car hire in Lisbon

Hiring a car in Lisbon is simple, use the search box to your left, enter the name of the airport or place you want to pick up your hire car from and Expedia will help you compare the prices of small, medium and large cars so that you can find the cheapest car hire deals in Lisbon. Alternatively, below you can check out some of the great deals on car hire we currently have for Lisbon.

Driving in Lisbon

Lisbon is the capital and largest city in all of Portugal. It is the westernmost capital city in the whole of Europe and is hugely important to the country's finance, entertainment and international trade industries. This beautiful city sits by main river basin of the Tagus Estuary which stretches up to 14km across and creates a number of breathtaking views from the mainland.

Hiring a car is a great way to experience Lisbon, allowing visitors to easily explore this beautiful city. The black and white streets are easily navigable and because the city was built across a string of neighbouring hills, car travel is the easiest way to get around the city.

The dazzling scenery and friendly atmosphere are not the only reasons for visiting Lisbon. With the convenience of a rental car, tourists can visit much of the surrounding region, as Lisbon is well connected to a number of other great cities and villages, like Sintra and the coastal city of Oeiras.

Get the most out of Lisbon by renting a car and experience all this authentic city, and region, have to offer. Book your holiday today!

Cheap Car Hire at Lisbon Airport

Lisbon Airport is the main international gateway to the country and is also a major European hub. Less than 10 km from the heart of the city, Lisbon's only airport provides the ultimate in convenience for travelling to the city. Serving over 14 million passengers every year, Lisbon airport maintains the busy trade and tourism industries that the businesses of the city thrive upon.

The airport's proximity to the city centre makes renting a car the ideal way to get from the airport to the city. The short drive south will take visitors quickly and easily to the heart of Lisbon. There are a number of routes available to visitors though none of them should take more than 30 minutes, even in traffic. Those preferring a scenic route will want to take Av. Infante Dom Henrique, which takes travellers along the banks of the Tagus river basin is slightly longer but equally efficient. Alternatively, tourists can select from a number of motorways, the E1 and IP7 in particular, that lead directly into the city.

When deciding on renting a car from Lisbon Airport, visitors will have plenty of choice. Hertz, Avis and Europcar all have desk locations at Lisbon airport and there are also a number of car rental suppliers with locations in the city itself.

Car hire companies in Lisbon have a broad selection of vehicles from which to choose and will provide the perfect car to meet every holiday need. Whether it is a trendy sports car to get around Lisbon in style or a larger, family friendly, vehicle to transport loved ones comfortably, all holiday requirements can be met to ensure easy passage around this beautiful region.

Car rental in Lisbon will not only get travellers from the airport to the city quickly but will also afford visitors the luxury of getting around the region easily too. Many of the main attractions in Lisbon are concentrated along the coast, whilst heading north or south will uncover a world of Portuguese cuisine and culture. By renting a car from Lisbon Airport, tourists will be able to enjoy the many great sights and sounds of this distinctive region.

Car Hire in Lisbon, The City

Driving in Lisbon can be tricky. The city's hills make navigation a little complicated and traffic swells during rush hour. The old winding streets can also cause congestion but once outside the city, travellers will be able to forget the hustle and bustle of city driving.

Lisbon is a fun city with a friendly atmosphere that thrives all year round due to the warm climate. No Parking signs are often white or blue with a red line across, and as in the UK, red or yellow painted lines on by the pavement also indicate no parking. Street parking is scarce and difficult at the best of times so it is advisable to use a secure and covered parking garage. These can fill up early so if your hotel is outside the city and you are planning a day of sightseeing it is best to leave early to secure a spot.

Lisbon's main tourist attractions include its exciting nightlife especially in the trendy neighbourhood of Bairro Alto. However, during the light of day there is also plenty to be explored and enjoyed. Many ancient buildings call Lisbon home and the stunning statue, Cristo Rei is a must visit.

Like many other capital cities, Lisbon does experience its fair share of traffic.. Drivers in Lisbon should be advised that wearing a seatbelt is compulsory and any offenders will invariably be pulled over and ticketed. Remember that the Portuguese drive on the right hand side of the road, and vehicles approaching from the right have priority, unless signs state otherwise. As in the UK, vehicles already using a roundabout take priority over those entering it.

Car hire in Lisbon is a great option to see this vibrant city. Tourists will enjoy small town but metropolitan feel of one of Portugal's favourite tourist destinations. However, there is plenty more to the region that can easily be discovered with a rental car. Lisbon is located in a region of Portugal that is full of a long and colourful history. The great combination of ancient ruins and spectacular views make the area a joy to explore from behind the wheel.

Lisbon is a thriving metropolis that attracts millions of visitors every year. Explore the city with the convenience of car hire and you will want to go back time and again.

Book Lisbon as your next holiday destination and enjoy all this famous city has to offer!