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Car hire in Dublin

Car hire in Dublin

Hiring a car in Dublin is simple, use the search box to your left, enter the name of the airport or place you want to pick up your hire car from and Expedia will help you compare the prices of small, medium and large cars so that you can find the cheapest car hire deals in Dublin. Alternatively, below you can check out some of the great deals on car hire we currently have for Dublin.

Driving in Dublin

Dublin is Ireland's capital and also its largest city. This charming city has a rich history clearly evident through its many ancient buildings, including churches and castles that are popular attractions for tourists and locals alike. Located on Ireland's eastern coast, Dublin's view over the Irish Sea is truly spectacular and on a clear day, England is clearly visible.

Car hire in Dublin is the perfect way to explore this famous Irish city. The surrounding coast and countryside is beautiful during the summer months, though inclement weather in winter often hinders the scenery.

Dublin combines a great deal of history with fantastic modern architecture and infrastructure. A major transport hub for residents seeking travelling abroad, Dublin is a bustling city full of the kind of energy one would expect from Ireland's capital. From festivals to street markets and a fantastic array of historical sites, Dublin is a great tourist destination that is popular for both romantic getaways and full on family holidays.

By renting a car, visitors will not only be able to enjoy the impressive architecture within the city's boundaries but also explore beyond into the region that stretches along the coast of the Irish Sea.

Get the most out of Dublin by renting a car and experience all Ireland's thriving capital has to offer. Book your holiday today!

Cheap Car Hire at Dublin Airport

Dublin International Airport is the busiest airport in Ireland located in Collinstown on the outskirts of Dublin. It is also the busiest airport on the whole island, including Northern Ireland, and is also the headquarters of Ryanair, Europe's largest "no-frills" airline. Serving over 18 million passengers annually, Dublin is by far Ireland's most important airport for the important tourism and trade industries.

Flying into Dublin Airport brings tourists within touching distance of the city centre. Located on the outskirts of the city, Dublin airport lies 10 km from the heart of Dublin. Those tourists who rent a car will quickly find themselves in centre of Dublin, as the airport is well connected to the city and surrounding areas. The journey by car should not take more than 30 minutes, traffic dependent, but traffic flows freely through the network of motorways.

All routes are well sign-posted but a route along the M50, via the M1 motorway, will enable visitors to find their way to the many hotels in Dublin.

When deciding on renting a car from Dublin International Airport, visitors will be able to select from a comprehensive choice of suppliers. All the major car hire companies tourists have locations at the airport, whilst many also a number of car rental locations in the city itself, adding to the convenience that hiring a car provides. Visitors will be able to choose from Budget, Thrifty, Hertz and Europcar, to name just a few.

Car rental also allows tourists to select the best vehicle for their journey. Car hire companies in Dublin will have a wide-ranging selection of cars from which to choose. Whether looking to save money on petrol with an economical hybrid or compact car, or desiring a foray into the countryside surrounding the city with a reliable utility vehicle, those deciding on car rental can rest assured that all holiday requirements will be satisfied.

Discovering the beautiful countryside around the city is an added benefit of car rental in Dublin. Taking a break from the city, tourists will be able to explore smaller, coastal towns and cities. Destinations like Falkirk and Dunbar are all within manageable distances from Dublin and will provide a glimpse into traditional Scottish culture and cuisine.

Although the area is well connected by a network of roads and motorways, which facilitate exploring the area, many of the roads in more rural areas will take longer to navigate. Dublin and its surroundings is extensively sign-posted for added convenience and the friendly Irish population is always happy to help those who may have lost their way. However, to avoid delays, it is advisable to obtain either an updated road map or satellite navigation system that will ensure easy passage to the desired areas of interest.

Car hire from Dublin International Airport is the ideal way to see the entire city and the beautiful countryside that surround this historical city.

Car Hire in Dublin, The City

Dublin has many attractions with a number of the popular museums, historical sites and impressive architecture located throughout the city.

Those wishing to drive through and around Dublin need not worry about parking. There are several parking options available to drivers with a number of parking garages available to the public. There are 20 city centre car parks in Dublin in total and although street parking is limited, there is ample room in the car parks.

Those navigating through the city should note that Street signs in Dublin can be found on the corner buildings at intersections, so don't waste time looking for free standing road signs.

Like many other major cities, Dublin does experience a rush hour period. Travellers looking to make the most of the city and surrounding areas should look to leave either before the morning rush hour to avoid the stresses of sitting in traffic. When returning to the city, consider avoiding the rush hour period that begins around 4pm.

Car hire in Dublin is a great option to see this vibrant city. Tourists will enjoy the small town feel of Ireland's capital city and will also be able to take advantage of the gorgeous coastal region that and surrounding countryside.

Discover your own Dublin with the convenience only car rental can provide, book your holiday today!